About Our Club

The St Sebastianette Archery Club has been around over 40 years - a fact that we are very proud of. In fact, check out our 40th Anniversary Celebration page for details about our celebration, held in September 2015.

We are proud to recognize Madeleine D as our longest continually shooting member - she started when the group started!

The St Sebastianette team used to shoot co-ed with the St Sebastian team. Eventually, the ladies got their own fork and formed a separate club. At the pole we use today, a distance of 60 feet, we shoot across, as opposed the men who shoot straight up with distance of 100 feet to the top of their pole.

We welcome new members to come down and try pole archery. Pole Archery is a great sport for anyone interested in archery, and is a wonderful opportunity to try something new. So please come on by and give it a try! We’d be happy to have you join us!

The St Sebastianette Archery Club is a member of the Manitoba Pole Archery Association (MPAA).


An update to our Constitution is currently underway. Stay tuned for more information.

*Above photo by Donna Lesage