Family Ties

So many of our ladies make shooting pole archery a family affair.

Some of our club family connections are:

  • Pat V & Carol C - sisters
  • Pat V/Carol C & Denise A - cousins
  • Irene P & Leona V - sisters
  • Monique S & Colby S - mother/daughter
  • Deb C & Carly C - mother/daughter

Our club members may also be the wives, girlfriends, sisters, cousins, moms, daughters, in-laws, or nieces of someone in the Robin Hood (Winnipeg MB), St Sebastian (Winnipeg MB), Mockingjay Archers (Richer MB) or The Witty Belgians (St Rose du Lac MB).

And this is just a guess, but, if they are Belgian, they may also have relatives who are shooting back in Belgium.

Watch for pictures of these connections coming next season!

*Above photo by Donna Lesage