Shootings take place at Archery Park on a triangular piece of land bordered by Provencher Blvd, Mission Street and Dawson Road N in St Boniface (Winnipeg), MB, Canada. The physical address is 625 Provencher Blvd. That is particularly helpful if you are using a GPS, because this part of Provencher Blvd is not connected to the stretch most people are familiar with. It is a large field behind the Love Day Mushroom Company.

The City of Winnipeg officially named this archery field Archery Park in the 1950’s.

Coming for the first time?

Please consider bringing the following items for your comfort and enjoyment of your time with us:

  • a chair
  • refreshments
  • bug spray and sun screen
  • sunglasses
  • a hat
  • sweater or jacket if necessary

If you are bringing children or pets, please be sure they are in your care and control at all times. We are using archery equipment and we want to ensure a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone at all times.

Our members and guests are welcome to use our on site port-a-potty.

*Above photo by Donna Lesage